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At Palais de la Poste, we are fortunate and proud to be operating out of one of the few remaining immaculate French Colonial Building in Phnom Penh.


Originally constructed as the Bank of Indochina during the French Protectorate’s era of the 1900s, the building has withstand 120 years of changes.


From its mosaic tiles to the wooden frame stained glass window to the vaults that once hold Cambodia’s treasury, the building is a standing testament to the last of its kind and is worthy of its status as a national heritage site.


We are excited to share such a landmark architecture with our guests, where one can experience beyond the food and enjoy the art and historical culture that the building has to offer. 



"Fine dining at its best."

A unique experience

At Palais de la Poste we pride ourselves in providing top of the line service and sublime French culinary experience.


With a dedicated team, led by our talented head chef who had many years, experience working at a 2-star Michelin restaurant in Paris, every dish is a savory delight that must be experienced.


Utilizing only the finest ingredient and produce, our team strive for the fine dining perfection throughout our signature creation.

Whether our guest seeks to enjoy a glass of wine, have an unforgettable evening with their loved ones or plan to host an exclusive gathering. Palais de la Poste is ready to accommodate.


Be immerse in the ambience of a historically rich building that exudes class and style.


Relive an experience that can only be found at this area of Phnom Penh that has such a grandeur historical importance and steep in rich heritage value. 

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